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Through our effective and progressive social media strategies, you're in direct communication with your target audience. Grow your brand awareness by increasing your social presence with the help of our experts.

With the help of our experts, you'll be able to actively engage with your audience. Not only can you send messages to your target audiences, we'll also help you understand your (potential) customers better through social media. No other online marketing channel enables you to also receive direct customer feedback based on which you can adjust your offers and product lines.

At Digital Beasts, we will plan your entire Social Media strategy for you. We'll start with identifying which platforms make the most sense for you and your brand. We will then determine a content plan as well as the overall look of your brand's creative. 

We then take it from there 100%. We'll set up all accounts and profiles for you, manage the content, and monitor the engagement. You will receive detailed reporting about how each social media campaign is increasing your brand awareness (we report on the user engagement), your website traffic, and your lead generation/sales.

We'll provide you with creative ideas that go beyond basic social media marketing, such as quizzes and contests. 

Brand Monitoring And Reputation Management

We monitor the reputation of your brand and how your target audience perceives it. We can address negative feedback and reviews for you.

Social Media Contests And Quizzes

Contests and quizzes are a cost-effective and innovative way to generate a big volume of quality leads in a short period of time. Get your brand into the news feed of thousands of new potential customers through this fun type of content.

Social Media Management And Reporting

Our team will proactively manage your social media accounts for you. We will provide you with detailed reporting including progress reports and brand feedback.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

We can create all your social media accounts for your, using quality content and attractive images and graphics. 

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